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To make friends, find joy, cultivate mindfulness, improve health - the list goes on and on! 

In this video, find out why so many people around the world are drawn to tango.



If you want to make friends who will last a lifetime, look no further! We’re helping to grow a warm and wonderful community of dancers here in the Twin Cities. We welcome students from all backgrounds and cater to a variety of learning styles. And, while tango originally developed around rigid gender roles, nowadays there are many fabulous female leaders and marvelous male followers - and many of us enjoy stepping into both roles! 

J Abling & Rachel Moon - Blue Pose

J ABLING is a respected and renowned instructor of Argentine Tango. He's been teaching tango for almost 25 years, honing his unique style of teaching that brings in a wealth of life experience. Drawing on his knowledge from fields such as martial arts, body mechanics, and music, J has a metaphor that fits every situation and every student. Before becoming a tango teacher, he was a classically trained vocalist and musician, which gives him especially valuable insight into tango musicality.  J’s students have often commented on his ability to simplify complex movements and bring about important and lasting breakthroughs.

RACHEL MOON has been an avid social dancer for over 25 years, and fell in love with tango in 2009. In 2015, she spent 6 months training in Buenos Aires and, soon after her return, began teaching with J. In her pre-tango life, Rachel worked in education and has an M.A. in Speech Language Pathology, giving her expertise in the area of motor learning. During the pandemic, Rachel did extensive research into tango history/orchestras, translated many tango lyrics to English, and gave dozens of presentations to share what she learned. Aside from morsels about tango history, Rachel also brings a healthy dose of humor to class.

PARTNERSHIP IN ACTION: While J analyzes and breaks down complex movements and concepts through an arsenal of visuals and metaphors, Rachel brings a focus on kinesthetic learning, striving to translate the feeling of tango and help students acquire new muscle memory. Together, J and Rachel provide a holistic, multi-sensory learning experience. They served the Annapolis Tango community from 2016-2021, as well as teaching and DJing across the U.S. and in Europe. From 2020-2022, J and Rachel focused primarily on Tango Music Trainer, an online musicality training program. In 2023, they founded Fuego Tango Club and are honored to serve the Twin Cities now!


Hear It From Our Students

Jay and Rachel are so personable and caring which creates a learning environment of no judgement. The information is shared in small enough pieces to get into your mind, body, and dance yet there’s always something to challenge you to grow. Delightful!

Irene E.

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