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J & Rachel, you are providing such great ways to express what I have been hearing in the music and what brought me to tango in the first place.

Jean M.

What I love about Jay and Rachel's teaching is their focus on technique for BOTH leaders and followers! They also teach how to listen to the music - the tempo, phrasing, pauses, and the different instruments of the tango orchestras- and demonstrate how these can change the flavor of the dance. With Jay and Rachel's instruction on good technique and musicality, I can interpret the music and have a dance conversation with my partner. I highly recommend their classes!

Linda M.

As a former public school music educator, I appreciate R & J's technical knowledge of Argentine Tango. But even more so, I appreciate their skills to evaluate a dancer's level of competency, and move forward to "fine tune" the dancer's technical skills.

Vicci J.

Their teaching style is not just instructive but immersive. They create an environment that encourages learning, exploration, and appreciation of authentic Argentine Tango dance and music. Jay & Rachel pay meticulous attention to each student, ensuring personalized guidance and support, regardless of skill level. They break down complex moves into understandable components, which is very valuable in our dance learning journey...If you are looking for Argentine Tango instruction that goes beyond the basics, Jay & Rachel are the ones to learn from. Highly recommended for anyone eager to delve deep into the art of Argentine Tango!

Tamara D.

J and Rachel’s dedication and passion for the music and movement, their desire for us to find a deeper connection to both, shows in every aspect of their teaching. The visual program he has developed showing various layers of music and rhythms…is vital to visual learners as myself.

Ramona L.

People know me as an obsessive compulsive type and I consider you the gold standard… Your stuff is, hands down, the best there is in the world. No, really - the world. You are providing exceptional value for the money.

Mihir D.


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